Corsi Danza professionisti

Professional training programmes in dance


AlmaPRO, directed by choreographer Elisa Pagani, is the professional department of Contemporary Dance in Alma Studios, and includes professional programs for young dancer.

D.R.OP. | Dance Research Opportunity

NEXT AUDITION: november 12 2021 

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DROP is a programme in Contemporary Dance Performance, directed by Elisa Pagani, and it is structured as a young company.
Every year, DROP welcomes twelve young dancers in transition from vocational training to professional life.

During a period of seven months – from January to July – the dancers work with renowned guest choreographers to create a diverse, appealing and vivid triple bill to be presented on tour.
Throughout this time, the dancers can experience concretely company life and how to deal with different methods and processes, rehearsals and preparation for the tour.

Over the last years, the company has welcomed an increasing number of dancers, artists and guest lecturers, and found performance opportunities in appealing tour venues, in Italy and abroad.

To mention a few names, DROP has commissioned works by choreographers such as Alessandro Carboni, Luc Dunberry, Daniele Albanese, Giannalberto de Filippis and Michal Mualem.

The choreographers commissioned for 2022 are: Antonello Tudisco, Elisa Pagani and Eulalia Ayguade

In completion to the creative work, the dancers follow a daily physical training articulated in different disciplines and delivered by a wide team of teachers. Such variety allows the dancers to enrich their own practice and be ready for the creative work in the studio.

The lesson plan structured for the dancers over the years has included workshops and seminars delivered by important Italian and International artists and lecturers, such as Sharon Fridman, Michele Di Stefano, Theo Clinkard, Roser Lopez Espinosa, Marina Mascarell, Roberto Zappalà, Emmanuel Gat, Antonella Bertoni, Guy Nader | Maria Campos, Frey Faust, Giuseppe Muscarello, Antonello Tudisco and more.

In a social and artistic context where talent is perceived as a gift rather than an achievement, we find necessary to create a healthy and formative environment where an artist is able to head towards the future with awareness, competence, ethics and experience.

– Elisa Pagani


* To apply for the audition complete the registration form

* In case of interruption of the COVID-19 emergency, the Direction reserves the right to invite the candidates to a live audition

  • Drop files here or
  • - Short presentation of the candidate (Who are you, where did you study and relevant information about yourself
    - 2 minutes of TECHNIQUE (at the applicant’s discretion: Ballet, Contemporary, Hip-hop, Drama, Singing, …)
    - 3 minutes of IMPROVISATION (with or without music)
    Given the current emergency, we accept and understand whether the video has been filmed in unprofessional settings.